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Ebbe Frameless 4
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Product Description
Ebbe Frameless 4" PVC Shower Drains

Square shape
It's easier to cut tile to a square drain than to cut, nip and grind to fit a round one. Simple cuts are easily made, and waste little precious time.ebbe  drains are sized to match standard ½”, 1”, 2”, and 4” tile without cutting. When cutting is needed, cuts are straight saw cuts. No grinding to match a radius. Consider the how much easier mosaics will be to install.

Composite Drain Grates. More than a flat piece of metal with holes E4400 series drain grates have a composite structure.  Each grate has 11mm deep sectional frame molded from a GFABS that gives it the strength to support a 300lb load on center.  A highly formed 304 stainless clad surface gives the look of a substantial structure with clean rounded edges on all sides.

Minimal Grout Rim. Our wedge shaped integrated grout rim provides a rigid frame to grout to and nothing more. The job of the grout rim is to support the grout behind it and provide a perfect fit for the drain grate without being noticed. It gives the ebbe Square Drain its’ clean look and allows the grate to set into the grout like a tile without the appearance of a frame.

Grout Locking Perimeter Edges.One of the most distinct features of the ebbe drain body is its heavily undercut Grout Locking Edges.  These features insure that the ebbe drain is thoroughly attached to the surrounding mortar and structure.

PVD finishes. E4400 Series Square Drains are stocked in ten PVD finishes that compliment today’s plumbing. Homeowners, tired of flimsy looking round drains get excited about being offered quality drains to match their designer plumbing.

Did you know that much of today’s shower plumbing is easily upgraded? While valves within shower walls remain the same, the designer appearance and finish of showerheads and controls can be replaced and upgraded as needed. Finishes for ebbe Square Drains are also easily upgraded as trends change by simply changing out the drain grate.

No Screws Please! Screws are a bother to remove when you have to retrieve an earring or remove trapped hair. We could see the first time someone removed a screw with a warn out screwdriver, the finish would get damaged. Little screws can pop out of your fingers into the drain and get lost!  People would be calling us for replacements.  How would we replace all those designer screws in ten different finishes anyway? Each of our drains is provided with a simple “twist and tug” grate puller. Keep the puller in a drawer until it’s needed, then simply engage the puller into the grate and pull it straight out!


What's included:

  • Drain Assembly
  • Hair Strainer
  • Grate Puller

This item weighs: 5 lbs. per unit/each.

Ebbe Frameless 4" PVC Shower Drains with Brushed Nickel Grate Finish and Collar Assembly


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